Monthly Archives: July 2013

Garden Party

Isn’t it great to receive an envelope in the post and it doesn’t contain a bill.  This envelope contained an invite to a Route 66/Welcome Home/Happy 21st Birthday Garden Party.

My son, Corey,  returned home last week from a road trip across America.  He’d met up with an old friend and they travelled from San Francisco to New York stopping at some really cool places along the way.  Corey’s friend Mike turned 21 whilst studying in Canada and his parents want to throw a BIG party to celebrate his return.

Mike is such a great friend and I’d like to make a birthday present that’s a bit special, something he can keep.   Have got a few ideas so I’m off to do some research.  The party’s in August so I’d better get my skates on.

Owl crazy

Cute Owl

For years this cobble has been used as a doorstop my kitchen.  It had a little house painted on it with a cat sitting outside the door.  Anyway, I decided it needed a make-over and for some unknown reason was inspired to turn it into an owl.



A very talented friend carved this toadstool from breeze-block for me to mosaic.  I love all the contrasting green glass tiles clashing with the red and the little pieces of mirror reflecting around my garden.

Springtime Cushion

When I saw that a friend of ours had turned her beautiful hand painted designs into fabric I couldn’t resist buying one of her colourful cushions.  Yvette’s designs are all colourful and fun, the covers are made from Polycotton and finished to a very high standard .  I had a hard time choosing between the colours but in the end went for the Springtime design.

Springtime cushion

To take a look at the lovely range of cushions on her website, go to