Venice Beach

Hiring bikes and cycling to Venice Beach was a must.  We picked the bikes up at Santa Monica Pier and set off, careful to avoid skaters and runners.  The dedicated road runs all the way along the beach which makes for a leisurely ride and, although the bikes were in pretty good condition, with sand on the surface it made the brakes a little useless – luckily we didn’t need them much!

Day 5 Bikes and Skateboarders (10) - Copy resize

Taking a photo whilst cycling was a bit wobbly …… it felt a bit like the “can you pat your head whilst rubbing your tummy” kind of challenge!  But we made it to Venice Beach in one piece, so all good and after cycling along the boardwalk with all the street vendors and performers we stopped to watch the skateboarders.

Day 5 Bikes and Skateboarders (21) resize

This little skater-dude was particularly impressive.

Day 5 Bikes and Skateboarders (42) resize

Fotor_Collage !After returning the bikes to the hire shop we decided to head back to Venice Beach again so we explore some more.  We mooched around in a vintage clothes shop, walked along the boardwalk and took photos of the iconic VENICE sign (which wasn’t easy because you have to take it from the middle of the road when the lights are in your favour!)

Venice Sign(edit without man)

As the sun was about to go down we strolled past Muscle Beach outdoor gym (not feeling the need to pop in for a workout!) and along Ocean Front Walk.

Day 5 Venice Beach (14) resize

Day 5 Sunset Venice Beach (46) edit resizeSurf’s up.

Day 5 Sunset Venice Beach (53) edit resize

Day 5 Venice Beach (12) resize

That evening we went for dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant (Forest Gump/Tom Hanks film) and had cocktails and delicious food.

Day 5 Z Santa Monica Pier resize

As soon as it began my holiday was over and I flew back home to Autumn in England.  We met some lovely people in LA and I’ll take back a journal full of notes, lots of photographs and many happy memories :)

Oh, for anyone still reading this far ……. I’m 99.9% sure I saw at the airport!

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