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Queuing for food

I’m not ignoring the dreadful situation people all over the world are experiencing at the moment, I just think it’s important to have a little escapism.  Before we went into isolation a week ago, I took lots of photos in our local park and I thought it would be nice to share them with you.

Please keep safe and well, stay indoors and look out your windows.  Spring is here and there’s so much to see, albeit from the safety of our homes.

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Mod Weekender 2017

August Bank Holiday weekend is usually a bit hit and miss weather-wise, but this year it was a scorcher and we decided to enjoy a day out in Brighton.

Duke of York


Sea Gull

Dsc_0077 resize

After lunch and a stroll through the Laines we walked down to the seafront to see the Mods starting to gather.   I don’t think the Weekender officially started until the evening but plenty of Mods were already there enjoying the sunshine.  Their scooters were everywhere and looked incredible.

Dsc_0051 resize

Green scooter

Way of Life

Dsc_0103 resize

The Jam

Green & Orange

The Jam Chrome

The shine on this chrome tank was unbelievable – not a fingerprint to be seen!


Lights 2

The atmosphere was fantastic and everyone looked like they were really enjoying a day by the seaside.

Mod4 crop

This man had stopped at the traffic lights and turned and gave me a thumbs-up.   I thought the whole image was brilliant but the background was so cluttered I decided to do a bit of editing.  I love the end result :)

Petersham Nurseries

I finally got to visit Petersham Nurseries this summer and I must say it was lovely.  The nursery is tucked away from the main road and could easily be missed, but once you negotiate the little lane it opens out into an oasis of calm.  I discovered the limited parking after driving down Church Lane and finding no spaces – at this point it started to rain and I had to do a 3-point turn in the tiny lane and park elsewhere.   But, determined to sample the tea and cake, I battled on.

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Dsc_0047 resize

Garden collage

Dsc_0072 resize

Pot collage

Dsc_0017 resize

Dsc_0016 resize

Cake collageThe flowers were exquisite and I took so many photographs.  I couldn’t leave without treating myself to a new cactus and even managed to buy a birthday present in the gift shop for a ‘difficult to buy for’ gardener.

Autumn in the Park

As much as I mourn the end of summertime the colours of Autumn are never disappointing. We’ve been lucky to have had a particularly warm start to this season and the colours have been spectacular.  The leaves have remained crunchy underfoot because we haven’t had any rain to make them go all mushy.

The beginning of this week was foggy and I captured some of the beautiful scenes on my phone.






Spider's Web


Macro photography

The sun has been shining and the weather has started to warm up so I’ve been spending as much time as I can in the garden.  We’ve just bought some new garden furniture and it has been so nice to just chill out in the sunshine.

Sitting outside on Friday we noticed a damselfly flitting from plant to plant so I grabbed my camera and took a few photos.  Although I have had my macro lens for a while I haven’t really used it but now I think I’m hooked.

Small Red Damselfly side

It is so thrilling to be able to see things in such detail.


Look at it’s little face :)

Next to cross my path was a little Beetle.


I’m trying to learn as much as I can about different types of photography by reading articles in magazines and online, but sometimes just getting out there and practising is the best way.  It’s more enjoyable anyway :)


Fantastic Mrs Fox

It’s not unusual for our dog to go running out to the garden, barking as she goes.  It’s also not unlike her to bark in the night when a cheeky fox gets into our garden. She likes everyone to know she’s not to be messed with.  But about ten days ago she ran outside barking, with her nose in the air and had a really good sniff at the back gate. So, of course, we had to investigate. Not only did we discover a beautiful vixen but five bouncy, healthy cubs.

We have been watching them grow ever since.  They come out of their den in the alleyway behind our house every night at dusk.  We originally put some food out for them but since contacting experts at ‘The Fox Project’ we found out that, unless they are in need of help, it’s best to leave them to fend for themselves because apparently they are lazy by nature and by feeding them it will shrink their territory and therefore make them have less opportunities to hunt when they need to.

So, we had to be content with just watching and as our attempts to creep out at dusk to look over our fence was alerting them to our presence, we took drastic action, as any sane people would!


So now we have a great view and I can even poke my camera lens through to take photographs without disturbing them.

The cubs are adorable and constantly playing roly-poly and practising their pouncing.

Cub crop

I snapped this photo of the mum looking up as a flock of parakeets flew by.

Mum watching parakeets

Always alert and on the lookout, she is such an attentive mum.

Mum Fox

This photo was taken when the light had completely gone so it’s a bit grainy and so far I haven’t managed to get a shot of all five cubs together.

3Cubs crop

They are growing so fast and probably won’t be playing outside our garden for much longer so I hope to get more photographs of the cubs before they are fully grown, meanwhile you know where to find me.

A haven in the City

If you ever find yourself in London somewhere between Tower Bridge and Monument and you just want to find somewhere quiet to eat a sandwich, nestled between Great Tower Street and St. Dunstan’s Hill is a hidden gem;  St. Dunstan in the East Church Gardens is an oasis of peace, light and bird song tucked away from the hustle and bustle of City life.

Wren's Tower

Dsc_0014 Resize

Dsc_0049 Resize

Dsc_0044 Resize

Dsc_0025 Resize

Dsc_0029 Resize

Dsc_0060 Resize

Img_3741 resize

“St. Dunstan in the East was built in the early 12th century and survived unscathed until the Great Fire of London in 1666.  Although the fire seriously damaged the church, it was not severe enough to warrant a complete rebuild.  Instead, the church was patched up over the next 30 years, with the final stage being a replacement steeple, designed by Sir Christopher Wren and retaining the same gothic style as the original steeple.

The church fell into decline by the early 1800′s and the decision was taken by the local parish to rebuild it.  Although this was a complete rebuild, Christopher Wren’s gothic steeple was retained.

In 1941 the church was completely gutted in the Blitz of World War II and lay in ruins for the next 25 years; in fact, the only parts of the church that were left unscathed were Wren’s tower and steeple.  Eventually, the City of London Corporation decided to incorporate the ruins into a garden in 1967 and it was opened to the public in 1971.”

Even though I worked in the City for many years I had no idea this oasis of calm existed such a short walk away.  Thumbs up to my friend, Janice for letting me in on this well kept secret :)

Img_3743 resize

Old and new structures sitting side by side.