In the Blue corner

A couple of years ago I bought two wooden garden chairs on Ebay.  One wasn’t very sturdy and didn’t survive the winter; the other was in good condition and has been sitting in my workshop waiting to be painted.  So, I had the chair and I had the paint,  I just needed to get on with it.

After lots and lots of rubbing down and several coats of paint it’s now brightening up a shady corner.

Blue Chair 2

I also had some material left over from making new curtains for our camper, so I made a cushion cover too. Such a good quality fabric from Ikea and I love the birds design too.

cushion zip

It’s such a comfy chair and I love the style.


Blue Chair

I got the blue bird for a knockdown price because the beak had broken off.  It was a clean break and glued together perfectly.   I’m really happy with this little corner of my garden.

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