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Little blue pot

It has come to my attention that I don’t have green fingers.   I follow lots of people on Instagram who share photos of their lush green houseplants and I turn to look at mine and I have to admit I have Plant Envy. I water them, feed them, gently wipe their leaves and try to find the right light and temperature for them, but many (not all) still refuse to live.  I’ve killed so many that I’ve resorted to tucking artificial plants in high places where you really can’t tell the difference! Consequently, I have lots of empty plant pots whose inhabitants have long since gone to the composter.

It was shortly after I returned from said trip to the bottom of the garden, carrying a now empty little blue pot, that I realised it could become a paint brush pot and not join the other pots piling up in a cupboard …. so out came my Sharpies.

Frida pot

“I paint flowers so they will not die”   Frida Kahlo   (Seems like an appropriate quote!)

“Hanger 14 please”

Wandering around Sunbury Antiques Market with some friends this week I came across this pretty green bottle.  I love the colour and the warning on the side!

Bottle crop

I also found a beautiful clay tile with lovely earthy colours.

Tile bottle Crop

We’d been to this antiques market a few weeks earlier and it was then that I saw something that brought back childhood memories.

Hanger crop

No, not the Scalextric – the funny wire things!  Hands up if you remember them or have even seen them before.  I went home that day and rang my sister to tell her what I’d seen and to describe a table full of funny wooden blocks, which I assumed to be hat molds.

Hat blocks

But, I just couldn’t forget the wire things and regretted not buying one.   So on our next visit to the market I went in search of them again.  Do you know what they are yet?  Here’s a clue:

BW crop

They were for storing your clothes in at the swimming pool, before lockers were introduced! Each had a number and was placed in a clockroom while you had your swim.   Anyway, I wasn’t leaving the market without one this time because I’d had time to imagine what it would look like in my garden filled with plants :)

Number crop

Flower basket

Basket crop

I couldn’t find a basket liner to fit so I made my own out of hessian and a black bin liner.  I’ll probably find something to adorn the coat hanger part while I’m waiting for the plants to spread out and climb.


Looks like something hitched a ride back from the garden centre!