Monthly Archives: November 2013

Meet Bob

At home we have a crazy black cat and a lovely, fun dog, and it’s through walking our dog in the park every day that I  have made some really good friends, human and canine! One of these friends recently had a special birthday, so I surprised her with a painting of her cat (who I had the pleasure of looking after last summer).  This is the wonderful Bob:

Bob painting

Lucky finds

Although I have probably stepped back in time by about a quarter of a century, this week I bought an electronic typewriter ……  I know I can’t update my blog on it, but I couldn’t resist. I’ve been on the lookout for a manual typewriter to use for making labels etc., but this electronic is brand spanking new, still in the original box with a correction tape (for typists who make mistakes!) a user’s guide and instruction manual.


Now, I can’t help but think the guardian angel of office supplies was looking down on me because then I came across two metal filing cabinets which are going to be so handy in my workshop for tools and mosaic tiles.   Is it normal to be so excited about these things?