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1946 Singer Hand Sewing Machine

Last night we drove in the pouring rain, down flooded country lanes, to pick up this little beauty.  Even though I have a perfectly good electric sewing machine, it doesn’t have the style of a vintage Singer.

Singer sewing machingThis has been kept in such good condition and came with a pristine instruction book, bobbins, needles and lots of other bits and bobs, I’m not even sure what some of them are for!  The lid even came with a locking key.   I love the engraved plate and the beauty of the whole machine – such craftmanship.

Loving the old stuff

Forgot to mention in my last post that when I visited Ardingly I bought an old box.  It was the end of the day and I spotted it on one of the last stalls.  It was crying out to come home with me ….

Box beforeI had no idea what type of wood it was made from but it was a great size and shape.  It has been well used, probably as a fishing box because when I opened it up it contained some rusty old fishing hooks and a pen knife.

Box insideSo, I removed the lock and handle, sanded it and gave it several coats of wax,  and this is how it looks now.  Not sure whether it will be my needlework box, jewellery box or what, but I think it looks great.

Box after

Another visit to Ardingly

I decided last night that if it wasn’t raining this morning I would take myself off to Ardingly for the Antiques and Collectables Fair.  Well, for a change, the rain wasn’t bouncing off my windows, so that is where I’ve been …. and although it was pretty wet underfoot it did remain dry overhead!

It was fairly quiet and half price to get in, probably because they weren’t expecting a great turnout (I promise I won’t mention the weather again!) but it was still worth the visit.

Ardingly insect board Ardingly 8.1.14 (3) Ardingly medicine bottles

If I had paid more attention in Chemistry lessons I would know more about these solutions, but I didn’t, so I’ll just say they’re nice bottles!

Ardingly 8.1.14 (5)

Ardingly 8.1.14 (12)

Ardingly 8.1.14 (8)

I thought this little chap was very handsome.  I only wish he was still running around enjoying life.

Ardingly 8.1.14 (25) Ardingly 8.1.14 (10) Ardingly 8.1.14 (6) Ardingly 8.1.14 (4)


When I was a child visiting the library I always thought how great it would be to sit behind the beautiful polished wooden counter and date stamp the books being taken out.  I used to love playing Post Offices because I had a set of rubber stamps with that game too.  Well, today I have been playing with my very own stamp and, I have to say, it’s still fun!

Rubber Stamp

A big thank you to my lovely son for buying me such a great present :)