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Wall Pot

It’s amazing what you can find at the bottom of your garden :)   Last week I was hunting for some broken pots to use as drainage and I came across a stash of terracotta pots I’d forgotten I had.  So, as I had another Juncus Spiralis plant (the curlywurly plant in my Sizzling September post), what better than to mosaic a wall planter.

This was the perfect two day project.

Wall pot

“Hanger 14 please”

Wandering around Sunbury Antiques Market with some friends this week I came across this pretty green bottle.  I love the colour and the warning on the side!

Bottle crop

I also found a beautiful clay tile with lovely earthy colours.

Tile bottle Crop

We’d been to this antiques market a few weeks earlier and it was then that I saw something that brought back childhood memories.

Hanger crop

No, not the Scalextric – the funny wire things!  Hands up if you remember them or have even seen them before.  I went home that day and rang my sister to tell her what I’d seen and to describe a table full of funny wooden blocks, which I assumed to be hat molds.

Hat blocks

But, I just couldn’t forget the wire things and regretted not buying one.   So on our next visit to the market I went in search of them again.  Do you know what they are yet?  Here’s a clue:

BW crop

They were for storing your clothes in at the swimming pool, before lockers were introduced! Each had a number and was placed in a clockroom while you had your swim.   Anyway, I wasn’t leaving the market without one this time because I’d had time to imagine what it would look like in my garden filled with plants :)

Number crop

Flower basket

Basket crop

I couldn’t find a basket liner to fit so I made my own out of hessian and a black bin liner.  I’ll probably find something to adorn the coat hanger part while I’m waiting for the plants to spread out and climb.


Looks like something hitched a ride back from the garden centre!