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My beautiful steel tree

Last December I went to the house of a local artist who was hosting a craft sale and she had the most amazing tree in her kitchen.  It was like nothing I had seen before.   Twisted and contorted wire branches, bedecked with personal decorations and lights.  I went home laden with her fantastic glass and wire crafts and a photo of the tree on my phone.  Christmas came and went and I could not get that tree out of my head …..

Moving forward a couple of months, I took the plunge and asked Cheryl if she would mind teaching me how to make a tree of my own and I was over the moon when she kindly agreed.  I had two days in her studio and I now have my very own version :)

Tree 1

Tree top

And the beauty of this tree is, I can decorate it whatever the season!

Egg tree

Yellow egg

Pink egg

Tree top egg


I am very grateful to Cheryl, not only for sharing her design but also for all the help she gave me whilst making it (and for the never-ending cups of coffee!)

Happy Easter to you all :)