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A couple of weeks ago I was told to grab my camera because we were heading out for an unusual afternoon.  I’d been told about this place and was really excited to see it.

Boothlands Farm

Barely visible from the road this ruin has been left intact since a fire swept through it in March 2009.  Luckily the occupant escaped unharmed.

Burnt out house2 (50)

Burnt out house2 (19)



Burnt out house2 (7)  Burnt out house2 (49)

Burnt out house2 (16)

Burnt out house2 (40)

Burnt out house2 (18)

Burnt out house2 (9)

Burnt house2 (69)

With the bricks and the burned out vehicles the scene was a strangely beautiful sea of orange complimented by vivid green weeds.  A peacock could be heard in the distance and the birds living in the surrounding trees added to the surreal atmosphere.

I visited the site again today to take even more photographs and although the fire was a tragedy it has made a beautiful setting which I hope will be left untouched.