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Right on our doorstep

We are so lucky to have beautiful Nonsuch Park right on our doorstep and we visit it daily to walk our dog.  Today I went alone to visit the formal gardens of Nonsuch Mansion because dogs aren’t allowed in!

Elsa raspberry



The pretty rose tunnel.

64a gazebo

124a Sundial

The sundial appears on the OS map of 1913 and the cast iron horse trough with hoofs may be from the early 1900s also.

122a Trough

117a Benches



The imprints of what may be a squirrel made me laugh.  We have recently had a new patio laid and our cat decided to walk across the newly cemented edge.  Adds a bit of character to any garden :)

134a Turret


Flower bed

210a rooftop

164a keep off flowerbed


The Birds

What could have been a day spent trundling backwards and forwards along the motorway turned out to be a lovely sunny day on the South Downs.

Last Monday one of our vehicles needed to go in for work, so rather than returning home after drop off we headed towards the South coast and ended up at Ditchling Beacon, just 7 miles outside of Brighton, but a world away from the busy seaside resort.

Gulls on field

Driving along towards the hill one of the fields was being ploughed and hundreds of birds were flying around the tractor and feasting on an early lunch in the freshly turned earth.  It was like a scene from the Hitchcock film “The Birds”.   We pulled over and I jumped out with my camera and carefully negotiated the rutted bank to try and get a photograph …….


Unbeknown to me, as I was carefully crossing the wide bank to reach the field all the birds had decided to fly off to the field behind me, so I just got a picture of a tractor.  I think if you look closely that might be a bird in the top right hand corner!


From the top of  Ditchling Beacon there are 360° views over the surrounding countryside.


Row of trees



We took a long walk along the South Downs and although it was sunny, it was incredibly windy and we were glad to be able to put the kettle on when we got back to the Camper.

On the way back to the garage we stopped off at Tilgate Park which is also a beautiful place to spend an afternoon.

Tilgate Park lake

Tilgate Park trees