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Patchwork Quilt

A couple of things I’ve been working on recently are gifts so it goes without saying that I can’t spoil the surprise by sharing what I’ve been doing before the recipient sees it first. This particular gift is special because it’s a Christening present for my daughter’s two friends baby. I’ve been busy making her a patchwork quilt.

Playing around with fabric was good fun.  I eventually left the blue material out and went for an all pink mix.


I’m glad I started with a cot size because having never made a patchwork before, I had a lot to learn. YouTube tutorials were a great help.



I bought good quality 100% cotton padding (batting) which is recommended for babies.


The material I chose for the backing wasn’t wide enough so I decided to add a border using some of the leftover fabric from the front of the quilt.  I’m glad I did because I think it breaks up the underside by adding more colour.



I hope the baby is warm and snuggly under the quilt.      PS. Thanks to my bear for modelling :)

Shark Attack

A couple of posts ago I mentioned my husband was making his first overdrive guitar pedal. He’s now put it all together and I have to say I’m pretty impressed.


He made his own design and transferred it onto waterslide decal paper before giving it several coats of clearcoat.

Pedal circuits

I can’t believe how fiddly-diddly the tiny components were.  Each one had to be identified by colour and colour bands and soldered into the right place. (I could barely make out the different colour bands myself.)  He then had to test that the circuit worked and then wired up the box to the switch and power supply.

Pedal circuitboard

Hey Presto, it works!

Pedal light

He is now keen to start making his next pedal which is going to be a tremolo.


In the Blue corner

A couple of years ago I bought two wooden garden chairs on Ebay.  One wasn’t very sturdy and didn’t survive the winter; the other was in good condition and has been sitting in my workshop waiting to be painted.  So, I had the chair and I had the paint,  I just needed to get on with it.

After lots and lots of rubbing down and several coats of paint it’s now brightening up a shady corner.

Blue Chair 2

I also had some material left over from making new curtains for our camper, so I made a cushion cover too. Such a good quality fabric from Ikea and I love the birds design too.

cushion zip

It’s such a comfy chair and I love the style.


Blue Chair

I got the blue bird for a knockdown price because the beak had broken off.  It was a clean break and glued together perfectly.   I’m really happy with this little corner of my garden.

Colours of Autumn

I can’t believe we’re galloping towards the end of September.  Even though we’ve had a lovely summer and last week when I visited Sunbury Antiques Market, where there was little or no shade, the temperature soared to 32°C but I still don’t want it to end.

Hanging Basket

Bee on agapanthus

Having said that, the colours that come with this season are spectacular.

Smoke Bush