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Chilli & Bean

At the end of October 2020 we adopted two tortoiseshell cats and every day since has been fun and games. We wanted to rename them so we got to know their personalities over the first week and tried out several names before we chose Chilli and Bean (although they’re sisters they are quite different and yet the same). Their new names suit them perfectly … Chilli is quite a spicy cat and is very adventurous and Bean is, well … a bean, very laid-back and gentle!

Chilli&BeanChilli                                                                            Bean


They both love the garden and, much to our horror, Chilli climbed our tall willow tree within minutes of her first trip out. Luckily she found her way back down with great agility.



Christmas was fun, they found every light and bauble worth a play!

Chilli ChristmasIMG_5247 2


And, of course, they’ve been the inspiration for birthday cakes and there’s no doubt they’ll be appearing in more of my posts in the future!