Hello, I’m Lesley!

I live a very chilled life in Surrey with my husband, a lively dog and crazy cat.  We have two grown up children, who are off exploring new places around the UK.

I spend the majority of my day walking our dog in a beautiful wooded park where I take lots of photographs.  I also run a Cat Sitting business at tattycats.com where I get to spend time cuddling lots of cats. If you’re ever in need of someone to look after your furry friend, feel free to contact me!

My main passion is mosaicing.  I am pretty much self-taught and love nothing more than starting a new project.  I share a workshop with my husband who carries out guitar repairs (and stops me from cutting my fingers off!)

Feel free to stop by my pages and take a look at the things I have created so far.  There are things for sale in my Shop but if there is anything you would like me to design for you, I am happy to take commissions.

Now my children have ventured out into the big wide world, I will have more time to spend in my workshop, and who knows what I will come up with next!