Glastonbury …. with drums

Waking up on Sunday morning to fog was a bit disappointing but we decided to visit Glastonbury Tor anyway.  At the start of the climb the tower wasn’t visible through the fog but we could hear the distant sound of drums and chanting.  The atmosphere was surreal.

Glastonbury (114)


As we neared the top we could just make out a ceremony taking place facing east.  There were drummers, dancers and singers.  The sun was trying so hard to break through and then with a little more ceremony, this happened ……

Elsa Tor

Glastonbury (123.1)

Glastonbury (129)

With the sun behind us, looking towards the west which was still foggy, we were able to make angel rainbow reflections!

Glastonbury (131) Glastonbury (138) Glastonbury (146)

IMG_6424 Glastonbury (182)

After spending some time taking photos and talking to other visitors we set off down the other side of the Tor.  And then, as if by magic, the sun disappeared and the fog returned.


By now it was lunchtime so we found a pub that welcomed dogs and muddy boots and had a well earned Sunday roast.  The pub wall was covered in festival posters going back to the very beginning.  I saw one poster where tickets were £1 each, farm milk was free and The Kinks were headlining!

IMG_6441 IMG_6440

After two nights we had left the cottage and now were going to check in to an amazing B&B. This magical place didn’t disappoint.  The Covenstead was adorned from floor to ceiling with incredible curios.

The Covenstead

Glastonbury (231)

Glastonbury (190)

Incredible mural on the staircase.

Glastonbury (252)

Our room, the Halloween suite!

Glastonbury (184)

So, that was our latest adventure :)



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