I need to work on my tension

I’m well known for having too many projects on the go so I’ve decided that I really must finish off as many as I can before starting any new  (haha, famous last words!!)

I took crochet lessons at a local wool shop two years ago.  Armed with a beginners knowledge of basic stitches I then made a nest of colourful baskets and also started “a winter project”, a granny square blanket for our campervan.   Over two winters I have made 144 little squares, sewed them all together, tied in all the ends (insert crying emoji here) and added two or three rows of border.

Granny Squares

This has really been a mammoth task and although I love the finished blanket, I am in no hurry to start another.  I am very slow at crochet and lack the confidence to look away from the hook at any point, and I found the sheer size of the blanket weighed me down in more ways than one (even though it could probably have been larger – one of us is going to feel a slight draught in the camper!!)

Crochet blanket (2)

I finished off the border with these adorable pompoms.


Does anyone remember making pompoms at school?  We used to cut out two cardboard circles with a hole in the middle, sandwich them together and wind the wool round and round.  Well not much has changed except there is now a little plastic gadget that doesn’t bend or disintegrate after one pompom.  Genius.

Crochet blanket (7)

Crochet blanket (9)

Looks like it has my cat’s approval.

Crochet blanket (14)

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