Lounging Lizard

About eight or nine years ago I visited a magical garden owned by a couple of retired art teachers.  They open their garden up every year for charity as part of the National Gardens Scheme.   Every year I go back, and most years I introduce a friend to this garden, it’s so beautiful.  When I leave I’m usually full of ideas about how I can do this and that in my garden.  A short drive from their Eden is a garden centre so I usually stop off and buy one or two plants and dream of what might be.

stairsA couple of years ago I bought a chunky piece of slate on my way home and imagined how a lizard would look sunning itself on it.   I’ve kicked around with ideas on what to mosaic it with but thought it would be different if I used stones.


I’ve grouted it and varnished the stones to bring their colours out and now just have to find somewhere sunny to place it.

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