Back in the Autumn I was asked to paint a portrait of Tia, a beautiful German Shepherd.   I was given a selection of photos to chose from with a variety of backgrounds.  I’m lucky to have met Tia before and know she loves the outdoors.

After nearing completion of the portrait I started concentrating on the scene behind.


Initially I painted a floral background but decided it looked too much like wallpaper.  I didn’t feel I could give enough depth to it.  So I painted over the flowers and gave it a blurry background which I was much happier with and thought it looked less distracting.

Tia December 2017

Tia on wall

Tia’s portrait was delivered in plenty of time and I was so glad to hear that her Mum and Dad loved it and hung it immediately.

I could now get on with my Christmas shopping ….. or so I thought!   Skip on over to my next post and meet Paris :)

2 thoughts on “Tia

  1. Sarah & Brian Rumsby

    Dear Lesley,

    Wow ! What can we say. We have just received our beautiful canvas of Tia from Mum and Dad, which they commissioned for our joint 50th Birthday present. We were absolutely blown away by how you have managed to paint such a true likeness of her. All of our friends have commented on the painting. She has such a lovely temperament and often looks as though she is smiling at us. Now every time I sit at the breakfast bar, and look up at the canvas, it makes me smile too. I hope that you will receive many more commissions now, and Thank you for the time you took to paint Tia, especially as I know that you are a very busy lady.

    Kind Regards
    Sarah & Brian Rumsby
    Ringwood, Hampshire.

    1. tatty Post author

      Thank you so much for the lovely feedback, Sarah and Brian. It was so nice that your Mum and Dad trusted me enough to commission the painting of Tia for your special birthdays, and that you are pleased with the results. I hope Tia’s portrait continues to make you smile for many years to come.


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