A War and a Wedding

Eccentric Parking Dizzy Blonde Hmmm ….. where to park?!? Eccentric Parking   This will do! Fanny's Farm map Fanny's Farm 25.7.14 (19)   Fanny’s Farm was looking particularly spectacular on Friday.  The garden was in full bloom, the sun was shining and indoors, Granny B’s room was all spruced up because, at 3 pm it was to host a wedding. Wedding announcement Granny B's Room Fanny's Farm 25.7.14 (31)   Congratulations to the happy couple. Fanny's Farm chalkboard Dress & hat Flowers Artichokes Bee Staff bike   Steps leading up to the famous tree house. Treehouse steps   Fanny's Farm Calendar Fanny’s Farm celebrate many seasonal and current events and put a lot of effort into their displays.  At the moment they are marking the First World War Centenary. WWI bunker

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