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Kicker & Cracker

Well, I can’t say this painting hasn’t been a challenge, in fact at times I’ve felt like throwing down the paintbrush and giving up.

I was given a slightly blurry photograph of these two cats, sitting on a towel with the rest of the background cut out apart from the arm of the sofa.  Since finishing the cats I have painted in several backgrounds; sitting on a towel, a cushion behind, plain sofa, etc.,  but wasn’t happy with any of them.  There was just too much of one background colour to leave it, so I settle on them sitting on a cushion.  Shading was the next challenge, but I’ve pretty much done the best I can for now.

Kicker & Cracker

The thing that kept me going was knowing that it means so very much to the cats’ owners to have this painting in their home :)


“Her name was Lola ……….. ”

Lola 19.5.14

I’ve never met this cat and have only just found out her name.  It’s quite hard to see the detail of a black cat in a photo, so I found this quite hard to paint.  Still, I hope I’ve managed to capture her personality ……… she doesn’t look as ‘lively’ as my black cat!


The other day I was scrolling through the address book on my phone and I noticed that the majority of my friends and family are represented on there by a photo of their pets!  They play such a huge part in all our lives.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on a canvas of Blue, a very handsome Lurcher, as a gift for a very good friend of mine who celebrated a special birthday last week.

Blue painting

I’ve been commissioned to paint a black cat next and then I hope to get on with a mosaic I started a while ago, oh and I have a couple of wooden garden chairs I bought off ebay that need sanding and repainting and I quite fancy starting a patchwork quilt ………!   I wish there were more hours in the day.