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Back in my Workshop

It’s been some time since I’ve been in my workshop but as my job in the ceramics studio has come to an end I’m looking forward to spending lots more time in my garden hideaway, creating more of my own art.

I went out for a pizza with my workmates this week and took along a personalized mosaic for each of them.


Agapantus (African Lily) for Jane, a flower-lover.


A robin for Sophia because a little robin often visits her garden.

Stag beetle

And a stag beetle for Kellie because we had a funny conversation about the stag beetles in my garden flying past my neighbour and making her scream!  Hilarious!

The ceramicist I worked with has now settled into her own studio and is busy making lots of beautiful things.  And, as every studio should have a name plaque, I made this for Gina.

Bunny Hole

It was lovely getting back to designing and making mosaics and I’m really looking forward to getting started on my next project :)


Pottering around my garden

Wow, isn’t this weather glorious?   I’ve just been wandering around my garden and thought I’d take a few snaps.


Agapanthus  (African lily) are high on my list of favourite plants.  I rescued the original clump from a neighbour who was throwing them out and over the years they have multiplied and multiplied.   At the moment many are in various stages of flowering and I love seeing them open up and then blossom into deep blue bell-shaped flowers.


They should look spectacular over the coming weeks.

Agapanthus 3

Bird house

Caster Oil leaf

Plane trail


We only have one vine now, so not enough to make any wine, unfortunately!


A new addition last Autumn, glad to see it’s doing so well.