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Mosaic Pot

I really made the most of the warm start to Autumn by spending more time in my workshop during the evenings.  I started this mosaic pot earlier in the year but a busy summer stopped me from finishing it.

Pot wip

Once the teal-coloured tiles were stuck down I chose lilac-purple tiles to compliment and achieve the Moroccan feel I was looking for.

Pot done

Once again I chose black grout to really bring out the colours.

After planting up the pot with Purple Flame cyclamen I’m really happy with the result. This is going to give much needed colour to my patio over the coming months.

Garden Ball

This terracotta ball has been another project that I started and shelved some time ago.  But with the promise of Spring in the air and little crocuses and tete-a-tete daffodils popping out of the ground, I was once again inspired.  And I’m so glad because it is probably one of my favourite pieces to date.

Citronball N1

Citronball butterfly

Citronball N3

Citronball dragonfly

Citronball N4

Citronball bee

I’m hoping to see lots of butterflies, dragonflies and bees in my garden this year……..

Citronball N2

…… but maybe not so many snails !

Citronball de snail

In the Blue corner

A couple of years ago I bought two wooden garden chairs on Ebay.  One wasn’t very sturdy and didn’t survive the winter; the other was in good condition and has been sitting in my workshop waiting to be painted.  So, I had the chair and I had the paint,  I just needed to get on with it.

After lots and lots of rubbing down and several coats of paint it’s now brightening up a shady corner.

Blue Chair 2

I also had some material left over from making new curtains for our camper, so I made a cushion cover too. Such a good quality fabric from Ikea and I love the birds design too.

cushion zip

It’s such a comfy chair and I love the style.


Blue Chair

I got the blue bird for a knockdown price because the beak had broken off.  It was a clean break and glued together perfectly.   I’m really happy with this little corner of my garden.

Pottering around my garden

Wow, isn’t this weather glorious?   I’ve just been wandering around my garden and thought I’d take a few snaps.


Agapanthus  (African lily) are high on my list of favourite plants.  I rescued the original clump from a neighbour who was throwing them out and over the years they have multiplied and multiplied.   At the moment many are in various stages of flowering and I love seeing them open up and then blossom into deep blue bell-shaped flowers.


They should look spectacular over the coming weeks.

Agapanthus 3

Bird house

Caster Oil leaf

Plane trail


We only have one vine now, so not enough to make any wine, unfortunately!


A new addition last Autumn, glad to see it’s doing so well.